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About me

“There’s always a point where a sudden familiarity arises; this is followed by an emergence of an unintentional form”

Panchali Sheth.

Panchali Sheth is an Australian painter based in Sydney, Australia. She  explores Indian miniatures. She observes the paintings closely to understand narratives, abstraction, expressive colours and gestural marks. She deconstructs Indian miniatures and Indian mythology within her work.

She starts by placing abstract marks and colours and builds up the surface of the canvas until the image(s)  begins to emerge or suggest a narrative.


Some images may stay and some images may get erased She is constantly playing push and pull with her work.


She plays this game until it settles into a composition that she is interested in, and then she makes slower marks and suggestions to resolve her work.

The abstract gestures she makes encompass the varied humans and hybrid forms of her narratives. 
These gestures create their own personal language and stories.
It is a significant expression of the hybrid culture in which she lives.
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